Wireless Earphones PaMu Slide Do You Need This?

Smartphones have received more and more features over time – a whole series of which no longer has a 3.5-millimeter jack for plugging headphones with phone plugs. No wonder that the range of wireless headphones and earphones is getting wider. This category also includes the earphones named Pamu Slide, which were created as part of a project on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Wireless Earphones PaMu Slide Do You Need This?

They are similar in design to Apple’s Airpod, and that’s probably the competitor they want to pick up on. The Pamu earphones bring with them good conditions. They come in a sturdy and attractively designed storage box with a contemporary USB-C charging socket. A (but very short) charging cable is included. There is a special extra for a surcharge of $ 20, the box can then charge suitable smartphones by induction wirelessly.


The lid of the box can be pushed away to the rear to release the small stud earrings – which has helped the product to his name. The connection via the wireless standard Bluetooth works without problems, one after the other, the two plugs connect and then also with each other.

Like Apple’s successful listeners, the Pamu Slide sticks out of the ear as if one were growing teeth, but the sight has become quite commonplace with the proliferation of this device category.

Of course you can also talk to the listeners, the voice quality is good on both sides. Even music sounds good for such small pegs, they need not shun the comparison with Apple. Through sensors they detect when they are taken out of the ear and stop playback. Unlike the Airpods, the Pamu Slides are protected against water, but you can not swim with it.

Unlike the Airpods, the Pamu earphones sit in the ear canal. And unlike similar devices, they are very good there, only those who roam the bushes run the risk of losing them. Priced at 49/69 dollars, the Pamu Slides are a good product that works well with both Android and iOS devices. Incidentally, this also includes the respective language assistants. But it will take some time until the operators get through the public in a voice command.

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