Nails split lengthwise: Causes and symptoms

Nails can be affected by several pathologies. Among the most common pathologies is split nails. Discover through this article the symptoms of this disease and its causes. Maryton nail supply will also discuss tips for preventing it and solutions for treating it effectively.

Nails are made up of numerous plates of keratin, a natural and essential protein. A fragility of this protein sometimes caused by endocrine-metabolic disorders such as iron deficiency is the main cause of split nails. Added to this are nail deformation, skin diseases, lichen, trauma as well as tumors that can occur under the nails.

Mineral and nutrient deficiency, overuse of nail polish, direct and regular contact of nails with chemicals, toxic substances and products are causes of first striped nails and then split nails. This nail abnormality is also caused by bad habits like improper filing technique and nail biting. Likewise, using fingernails to scratch objects or to open boxes and other hard objects are potential causes.

Split nails mean that the keratin plates are damaged or even destroyed. They are often characterized by a split along the length of the nail. They are also noticed through numerous clinical signs such as pain and nail decoration. The nail splits along its length, because it can no longer grow back.

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