Properly clean your toenails

Having beautiful feet is a big concern for women, especially in summer with open shoes showing all of your little toes. However, our feet being closest to the ground, they often tend to get dirty quickly. Fortunately, with each passage to the shower, they find their usual cleanliness. But what about nails? How to properly clean your toenails to have perfect feet? Here are the methods and tips for flawless toenails.

Wash your feet and nails daily

The first thing to do is to wash your feet and toenails every day. Indeed, whether your shoes are open or closed, your nails will collect dust, dirt and especially bacteria. In order to eliminate them properly, clean your feet with soap, rubbing well on the nails.

Exfoliate your feet and nails regularly

The exfoliation of the feet and nails is done every week to remove dead skin and encrusted dirt. Fill a small basin with warm water and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. Then dry your nails and feet properly and use a scrub or a pumice stone to exfoliate everything.

Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber

Moisturize and file your toenails at the right time

Apply a suitable moisturizer to your nails and feet every day. Once well hydrated, you can file your toenails by nail files to give them the shape and length you want.

Limit yellow nails

Yellow toenails are almost inevitable if you don’t take care of your toenails. To reduce the phenomenon of yellow toenails, you need a lemon and warm water. Dip your toenails in the basin and wait 10-15 minutes, then scrub everything with a nail brush.

Prevent and/or treat fungal infections

To prevent them, just take the time to rinse and dry your toenails well after each pass in a damp area, but also think about letting your nails breathe between each application of varnish.

Homemade recipes for nickel toe nails

To properly clean your toenails naturally, you need recipes that work. Here are two that can be useful to you, in order to end this article on a new learning:

  • Lemon peel: Start by removing the peel from the lemon and rubbing your nails with the inside of this peel. This will clean his toenails thoroughly.
  • Baking soda: To remove dirt from your nails, baking soda is an excellent ingredient. Mix a little warm water with baking soda to form a semi-liquid paste. Then, take a toothbrush and gently rub your toenails with it.

And There you go ! You know how to properly clean your toenails. Take your pedicure kit and have a good cleaning.

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