How to Make Suicide Squad’s The Joker Costume for Halloween

Most well known for his role opposite Batman, The Joker is a despicable, deranged comic book villain we all love to hate (and Harley Quinn loves to lurve). Back in action for upcoming superhero movie Suicide Squad, The Joker is at it again trying to destroy the world. (Kind of a one-trick pony, right?) We are obsessed with ALL of the costume design for this flick, so in true B+C spirit, we’re recreating a few looks for our favorite dress-up day: Halloween. We’ve got a Harley Quinn male halloween costumes tutorial on the site already, so today we’re going to teach you how to make her BF’s ‘fit. For those of you who like to look scary on Halloween, this is the perfect popular halloween costumes for you. It’s totally creepy! Read on for the step-by-step.

Thanks to UX Designer Zane for doing The Joker justice.

Materials and Tools:
– maroon dress shirt
– black slacks
– black dress shoes
– silver teeth grill
– purple rubber glove
– white + green hair spray
– makeup sponge
– face makeup in black, grey, deep red, white and lavender
– setting powder
– fine and firm paintbrush

This look is mostly about the makeup, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time for that part! I recommend doing the makeup first, then getting dressed so the makeup doesn’t get all over the pants.


How to Make Suicide Squad’s The Joker Costume for Halloween


Hair: Slick hair back with pomade, then spray hair white to create a foundation so the neon green shows on top. Once the white is dry, then spray the neon green over to fully coat. Wipe any drippage off your face.

Face + Body Makeup:

1. Start off by using white makeup and a wet beauty blender to sponge a thick layer of white makeup on your face, neck and body.

2. Set with translucent powder so the makeup won’t smear through the next steps. Take your time applying dark circles around your eyes with the black, grey and lavender paint.

3. Copy the lines on The Joker’s face with the fine paint brush in deep red and the “J” under his left eye with black.

4. Apply a deep red lip and write “Damaged” in the middle of your forehead right under your widows peak.

5. Have fun painting the “Ha Ha Ha’s” on your left arm — they don’t have to be perfect. I found that the faster I did them and the less I tried to make them perfect, the better they came out.

6. Eyeball the drawings and words on his chest and arms as best you can. This can take a good amount of time depending on your skill set.

Now put on your outfit and channel Jared Leto’s creepy commitment to this character! Zane had an *instant* personality change. Wow… just WOW.

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