Acrylic or gel nails? – Which manicure technique to choose?

Do your nails break quickly? Do damaged or bitten nails get you down? Do you want to have pretty hands? The installation of neat and varnished false nails is then essential. When you make the decision to have artificial nails applied to enhance your natural nails, many questions arise. This article offers you to take stock.

This manicure technique allows you to cover your natural nails with different materials such as acrylic or gel. If you want longer nails, the placement of capsules or templates can be considered. The first technique consists of sticking a capsule on the nail, giving it the desired shape and filing it before varnishing the nail. The technique with stencils consists of creating a guide using preformed paper that will be placed under the nail. This guide will be covered with gel.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic consists of a mixture of monomer liquid and powder. When finished, the mixture looks like a malleable paste After having washed and disinfected the hands, the cuticles are pushed back and the nails lightly filed. The acrylic paste is then worked, molded and placed on the existing nail. In the open air, the acrylic dries and hardens quickly, whic allows the stylist to polish your nails and apply the varnish of your choice.

Acrylic nails can be worn for a long time because they are very strong. On the other hand, they are not flexible and give the impression of being quite thick. They can crumble and eventually break. The shine is less than with gel nails and the application of additional polish is recommended. Finally, the mixture of acrylic powder and monomer liquid releases odors that may bother some people.

Gel nails

The gel is more flexible than acrylic, several layers are necessary to ensure the strength of the nail. A UV lamp is used for drying and hardening the nail, layer by layer, because it does not harden simply in contact with air.

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Since there are no fumes of toxic volatile substances and it is not assimilated by the body, the gel is less harmful than acrylic. Since the nails are more flexible than acrylic nails, they will break less easily. They are naturally shinier and look more natural than acrylic nails.

When you choose to have false nails, it is imperative to maintain them regularly. Whether you opt for the acrylic or gel technique, your nails will be beautiful. However, you will need to fill in the regrowth every 3 to 4 weeks.

In addition, we should use the manicure kit to take care of them regularly. If you still want to look for the other products, recommend you just click here! Hoping this article will helped you to adopt good habits for the health of your nails!

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