Mismatched manicure: Discover the Mix and Match trend

For all those who, when faced with a choice of nail polish, are still hesitating between salty popcorn and sweet popcorn, here is news that will change your life as a fashionista! No more endless dilemmas: make way for the ‘mismatched manicure’.

Mismatched manicure, also called mix and match manicure or “mismatched nails” in English, the latest Nail Art essential. This concept even consists of combining up to three different nail polishes, or even sprinkling everything with glitter if you wish and thus welcoming your creativity with open arms.

However, it is important to be aware that the marriage between a bright green and a neon yellow could turn out to be less elegant than hoped. In addition, juxtaposing a dolphin design with a floral pattern could harm the overall harmony. But you don’t have to worry too much, Maryton will show you how to achieve a mismatched manicure by playing cleverly with patterns and colors.

How to achieve a mismatched manicure?

Making a harmonious combination of nail polishes is essential to succeed in your mismatched manicure. The colors need to go well together. Fortunately, there is one unstoppable tip for beginners: use white. Indeed, a touch of white varnish goes well with any other color, for a beautiful two-tone combination. As for pastel colors, they always ensure a perfect match. You can therefore dare to mix pale green, powder pink, pastel yellow and sky blue without any risk!

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Choosing a Mismatched Manicure Theme

Once the colors are chosen, it’s time to move on to the patterns. The pattern arrangement may seem complex, but anything can work if you stick to a color harmony. To make it easier, choosing a theme for your manicure can provide consistency even with multiple colors and designs. And so that your mismatched manicure lasts longer, I advise you to opt for some professional manicure kits to prepare your nails.

Examples of successful mismatched manicures

In terms of patterns, we appreciate mismatched manicures with flowers, which bring a feminine and sophisticated touch. However, multi-colored nails are enough on their own for a vibrant and tangy summer look.

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