Nail shape – which one to choose according to your hand

It is one of the most impactful aspects in a reconstruction, in fact the shape of the nails we choose affects the beauty and elegance of our hand, much more than the Professional manicure or the choice of color!
In this article, we will discuss the shape of nails, and tell you how to choose according to your hand.
1.square nail shape
It is the most popular shape. My advice is to choose this shape, only if you have tapered or thin fingers, alternatively the geometric lines that characterize it will tend to “shorten” your hand a little too much.
The main disadvantage of the square is that it requires a fair amount of maintenance work, so always keep a file at hand! In addition, the squared corners tend to be a little more delicate and to get caught often… so pay attention!
2.Squoval nail shape
It is a relatively recent form, but one that has taken off considerably in recent years. And it needs much less maintenance and attention than the square, while still being very elegant and harmonious. It is a shape that also looks good on less tapered and thin hands, as long as it is made of a medium-long length.
3.Oval Nail shape
It is the most versatile nail shape, in fact it looks good on any length and on any shape of hand, even the most plump and chubby. In addition, it is ideal for those who want a delicate and natural visual effect, and at the same time give the hand a refined and slender look.
The only advice I would like to give to those who decide to choose this shape is not to overdo the nail art, preferring simple and small decorations, even better to use a single color.
4.Almond nail shape
It is a tapered, gentle shape with a visual appearance similar to an elongated oval … like an Almond, in fact! And it is ideal for those with slightly short or stubby fingers, in fact they will immediately seem longer and tapered.
If done correctly, it allows you to give a touch of elegance and unmistakable femininity to the hands. Precisely for this reason it is always essential to find a professional nail technician who is able to perform the almond, in a perfect way!
If you love “bold” looks, this is the perfect shape for you.
However, it is not recommended. It is the shape that most of all will draw attention to your hands, so make sure they are always in perfect order, which is not easy, since it is one of the most uncomfortable shapes to wear, and it will happen, especially in the early days, to stuffed everywhere.
If you want to bring out the length of your beloved stiletto, I recommend a uniform light color.
6.ballerina nail shape
It is an extremely elegant shape, and refined as long as it is made of a medium / long length. It is suitable for almost all types of hand, if not overly plump. Like the square, it gives a lot of space to perform the nail art you prefer, but at the same time it also lends itself very well to the one-color.
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