Top Rating True Wireless Headphones – PaMu Scroll

Lately, you’ve come to hear the name of the pair of completely wireless PaMu Scroll headphones with excellent design and impressive price – just under 1.5 million. This pair of headphones is a great candidate for usurping true wireless headphones in the market such as Airpods, Gear IconX or Jabra Elite 65t. Below is a review of the PaMu Scroll headphones that you need to read immediately.

Before reviewing the PaMu Scroll headset, learn about its origin

The true wireless headphones PaMu Scroll is a hugely successful fundraising product of $ 2.6 million on Indiegogo. There are many positive reviews on the page as well as the previous orders of users so you can rely on the quality of the product.


In terms of design, it can be said that PaMu Scroll deserves the right-to-wireless headset with the best design available today. In version 1.0 PaMu X13 has a round box like a jewelry box that looks quite strange but the housing part is not appreciated because the “convex” looks very aesthetic.

Top Rating True Wireless Headphones - PaMu Scroll

However, in the PaMu Scroll, it is a blend of technology, art and advanced in every detail. The box is cylindrical, compact, the plastic material is sturdy and is covered by suede material.

There are 4 PaMu Scroll versions available for you to choose from: Rock’n Roll, Sakura, Glory Edition and Graphene. Each version is a unique personality with different leather, textures and colors.

The weight of PaMu Scroll headphones is about 5g, a bit heavier than Airpods but lighter than most popular true wireless headsets. The box is also compact, easy to carry, less occupied. You can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

Charger and Battery

PaMu Scroll supports charging with microUSB charging port, so it’s easy to find charging cord for it. In addition, this pair of headphones also supports wireless charging via a separately sold PaMu wireless charging receiver. To check the battery status of PaMu Scroll, you can see the LED lights hidden under the border around the microUSB charging port area. There are a total of 4 blue LEDs equivalent to 4 battery levels of 0 – 25 – 50 – 100%.

As you know, normally, the wireless headset’s case will play the role of a backup charger. So is the PaMu Scroll. The box is equipped with metal pins to charge the headset. so removing the headset from the inside can be as fast as other true wireless types.

PaMu Scroll gives continuous battery life of about 3.5 hours and about 5 hours of talk time for a full charge, acceptable usage for a true wireless headphones for less than 1.5 million VND. In addition, the case will allow you to fully charge the headset 3 times, ie you will have all 10.5 hours, and it will take you about 2 hours to fully charge the inside and headset box.

Charging case

The PaMu Scroll headset is still finished with plastic material but has been reduced to look more beautiful in the ear. The surface of the headset is lumped for touch operation, the area where the shadow is made is the place where the recording mic port is arranged. Similar to the charging box, each headset is also equipped with an LED that informs the battery status.

Housing design helps sound when worn will fit snugly even in strong movements, however the minus point is that PaMu is not equipped with sponge foam but simply rubber sucking. Sound insulation when listening to music is also very good. In addition, PaMu Scroll is also perfect for IPX6 water-resistant capabilities, aimed at those who like to practice sports without fear of hearing damage when sweating, even rain.

Top Rating True Wireless Headphones - PaMu Scroll

Manipulate and connect to the phone

PaMu Scroll uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology to make connecting faster, more stable and farther. This is a big plus when you often use it to listen to music, watch movies or play games. The only drawback here is that the PaMu Scroll headset only supports connecting a single device.

PaMu Scroll uses touch gestures to control music and calls. However, it does not support volume up / down on the headset, but you have to manually manipulate the phone. In addition, the headset does not support smart recognition – automatically turn on / off the music when you remove the headset from the ear. Another minus point is that it doesn’t have an app to tweak audio like other brands.

Sound quality

PaMu Scroll can listen to both ears while talking instead of just one ear like version 1.0. PaMu Scroll’s audio filtering capability also works well in a business center or street car environment. Although the sound is still clear and not shy, it may be small and difficult to hear the other end. Therefore, it is more suitable when you use in static space.

First of all, I listened to the first song, Then The Loving Man Who Still – Hien Ho, the soundtrack band was shown very well and was slightly better than the mid range, or Let Me Close To You – Huong Tram and Breathless – Shayne Ward, the singer’s voice is good in high notes. For those who like musical instruments, I try the Matsuri song – Kitaro, the headphones still show no separation between the instruments.

Then, continuing to be a lively music, I tried Boneless – Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo, How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris & Disciple, Boom – Tiësto & Sevenn, I was really surprised with the sound range. Bass is shown very well, not inferior to the earphones that specialize in the bass of other rival products. If you are a person who likes to listen to music that has a lot of bass like EDM, then PaMu Scroll completely satisfies that need. But, the minus point comes from hearing the volume level of 80% or more, at this time the tred sound strip starts to have slight noise causing a slight uncomfortable glare.


In general, the fully wireless headset PaMu Scroll is a high-end headset with many modern technological features. Its ability to reproduce sounds is enough to make music lovers and ears too difficult to be satisfied.

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