The 5 misconceptions about false nails

The application of gel nails is one of the most requested services in nail care. However, some women may have questions and reluctant to wear false nails. Here is the real from the false on false nails.

False nails damage natural nails

The gel is an advantageous innovative process. It has many benefits, offering a natural and long-lasting result, safe for natural nails. The gel is an excellent alternative, which offers your clients a safe and quality manicure, while respecting the fragile nature of nails and hands. However, the application must be perfectly done and only a professional can ensure the safety of the gel application.

False nails don’t last

By taking care of their false nails, women can expect a duration of 3 to 5 weeks. Obviously, they should call on the nail technician, because they are using professional manicure products. Plus, they know how to properly shape the false nail. In addition, They must make an appointment with you to perform a complete removal or filling.

Gel nails are only for one type of woman

The gel has the particularity of offering a natural finish. All women who want to beautify their hands can have false nails applied. On the other hand, they are still not recommended for people with allergies, those who are going to undergo surgery, who have natural nails already very damaged or who suffer from nail diseases.

False nails are annoying

False gel nails are, contrary to popular belief, very comfortable to wear. You may feel a little tingling as the gel dries under a UV lamp, but it is not painful.

False nails prevent natural nails from growing

This idea is totally false and it is not the customers who come regularly for their filling who will say the opposite. To make it clear to your clients, compare false nails to hair extensions. They obviously continue to grow.

In short, gel nails are not harmful to health. Arm yourself with products! If you don’t have the professional pedicure supplies, just take a look at our Maryton!

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