Ridged nails: what care for ridged nails?

Ridged nails are among the most common nail problems. A ridged nail is a nail where parallel lines in relief appear distinctly along the entire length. The causes of ridged nails are identified and it is possible to alleviate them. However, not everyone necessarily pays attention to it. The ridges on the nails are unfortunately a common characteristic of many people, women or men, and at any age, more or less intensely.

Perfectly straight and embossed lines are formed on the surface of the nails. Sometimes on the whole nail and on all the fingers, sometimes much less evenly. Whether on the nails of the hands or the feet. The streaks that we notice on his nails are in fact the natural streaks due to the growth of the nails but which are exaggerated by internal or external factors. They also appear naturally more accentuated in some people without them experiencing other concerns.

It is essential to note that ridged nails are not strictly speaking damaged nails. The ridges can nevertheless intensify, adding to other problems like brittle or soft nails. Precise gestures fortunately make it possible to limit their importance.

The streaks being on the surface and in relief, it is possible to smooth them. But too much polishing being itself the cause of trauma to the nail which generates streaks, it is essential to limit this gesture. So, polish your nails once a week at most. Your gesture must remain light, touching, so as not to attack the nail. Similarly, to file the edge, opt for a nail file instead. Softer, it will create less tension on the nail plate.

Even if streaks are sometimes inevitable, it is possible to slow down their intensity by allowing the nail to grow in better conditions. Castor oil is well known to nourish and facilitate the regrowth of nails. Specific varnishes are also available and allow smoothing and thus reducing streaks. Some are particularly rich in silicon in order to fill the spaces between the ridges.

Having a beautiful manicure every day is a huge challenge. So, please make sure you have the necessary nail cleaning tools and manicure set. For your nail products, I advise you to take a look at this site, you will find everything you need.

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