Tips for having beautiful nails

What makes one hand different from another are the fingernails! And yes long, strong, well-shaped and manicured nails show that the woman is elegant and well-groomed. So what are you waiting for to have beautiful nails with manicure set? Here are some tips.

1. Harden your nails

First of all, you need to start by strengthening your nails. Put a little water and salt in a bowl and mix everything together until it dissolves completely. Then add green clay and two teaspoons of olive oil. Then, mix everything to have a creamy paste where you will dip your fingers. Finally, once the clay is completely dry, wash your hands and apply moisturizer.

2. Moisturize your nails

Hydration is the key to beautiful nails. So don’t hesitate! Apply daily and several times a day, even, oils and moisturizers. Try to create a daily routine with this little gesture and you will see the results!

3. Change the shape of your nails

The majority of women tend to adopt the same nail shape forever. However, for each length corresponds a shape. If you have short nails, you can adopt the square shape. If you have long nails, the rounded shape maybe very practical!

4. Wear nail polish all the time

Nail polish, in spite of its aesthetic function, it protects the nails from shocks. Thus, the nail becomes harder and better protected against impact. A final coat of basic varnish can protect your varnish and make the color last!

5. File the nails

Filing the nails instead of cutting them. Using the professional nail files won’t ruin your nails, if your nail is very weak! Besides, be sure to file in one direction, going back and forth will make them brittle.

6. Nail polish

Red, pink, blue, black… Nail polishes come in all colors and shades. These colors will make your nails more beautiful and lively.

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