Products Review: PaMu Scroll Turly Wireless Headphones

Padmate is not a well-known name in the audio sector, at least in the commercial sector, as it has always been concerned over the last 15 years to create products for more famous brands.

In the last period, they decides to expose himself in first person and triggers an absolutely viral phenomenon: “The fashion of the true wireless headphones economic”.

The product is now very famous named “Pamu Scroll“, which launched on the basis of a price of $ 39, toured the world collecting about 3.5 million dollars and wiping out any record ever made on the crownfunding platform (for audio devices).

Faced with a media phenomenon of this magnitude, we could not remain immobile and thanks to the company’s support, we were able to put the very famous earphones in our ears.


The thing that immediately leaps to the eye is the cylindrical case, covered with a very elegant leather-like material that also acts as a charging base.

Products Review: PaMu Scroll Turly Wireless Headphones

Inside we find the two very minimal bonnets hooked to the case thanks to the magnetic pins. Inside the basic package there is the micro-usb cable to recharge the case, the manuals and the spare rubber pads.

Products Review: PaMu Scroll Turly Wireless Headphones


The first aspect we want to analyze is the ergonomics, both of the case and of the headphones. Many have complained that the container is a bit too big and uncomfortable to carry around, but I think this judgment is a bit too subjective as it varies from habits and habits (In summer I always carry a bag with me, so I don’t and would never have problems bringing the case with me.).

As for the earphones, these adhere perfectly to the ear canal and even running, can stay in place in most cases. Personally I have never loved in-ear headphones because it is difficult to find rubber pads that adhere perfectly to my alien ears, but in this case I have not suffered that much with prolonged use.

Data sheet

In terms of technology, we have a very complete technical data sheet:

  • Bluetooth5.0
  • Deep Bass
  • Wireless Charging
  • Auto Pairing
  • Snug Fit
  • Water Resistant
  • Touch Control

Just removed from the case, it will be sufficient to combine them with your android / ios device to be able to use them. Once paired with a device, it will be possible to use the auto pairing (lightning-fast) to be able to use them, without having to take the smartphone from the treasures.

Once worn, you can use the touch controls on the outer shell of the headphones. Eye to position your finger well, because the lower part is occupied by the microphone and therefore you risk not activating any command.

On the left headphone, with a single tap, you can play / pause your music player. With a double tap you will be able to access Siri / Google Assistant while, when you are in Call Mode, you will be able to answer and attack with a single tap. The functions are also similar on the right earpiece, with the only exception of the double tap that will allow you to change the song you are listening to.

Each earpiece has a 55 maH battery and guarantees an average battery life of around 3.5 hours. Once discharged, you can recharge them with the 500 maH case, which guarantees two complete charges for the headphones. In order to monitor the charge level of the case / powerbank, you will find very cool blue LEDs on the side. 100% corresponds to 4 LEDs lit up.

For more information I invite you to visit their website here.

Audio Calls

As for the audio part dedicated to phone calls, I must say that the response is more than positive. I have always heard the interlocutor loud and clear, and the outgoing voice was also judged positively, thanks to the two microphones placed individually on the headphones.

On youtube, the contents never showed any delay with regards to audio, while I had problems with local files played with VLC.

Now, it’s time to analyze the coolest part of the Pamu Scrolls, music playback!

Audio Music

At the design level there are no obvious problems or serious errors but it is noted that the audio part in its strictest sense has not been taken care of like the rest of the device.


I’m not talking about internal DAC or bluetooth connection problems. I literally speak of the “speakers” inside the headphones which given their shape and their nature, have a sound a little distant from what one would expect from a professional headset (clearly the Pamu Scrolls were not created in this perspective).

The sonic detail is there, the transient response is faithful but, in terms of frequency response, the headphones could give more; very few low and those that are there are not pleasant being very “harsh” and “angular”. The averages work fairly well but it is the central part that pulls the cabin forward. The high on the other hand are really acidic and a bit sibilant. The insulation is discreet, but it really depends a lot on how the headphones fit into the ear ducts. In essence, to sum up, these Pamu Scrolls are headphones that have an audio compartment in the media, not overly “HiFi”, which nevertheless remains pleasant and does not tire the listening.

This evaluation, edited by Gianluca Occhiuzzi, is done from a technical point of view and as impartial as possible, and perhaps it may seem a bit exaggerated.

In fact, at the end of the fair, this is not a product designed for professional use and, if given to a less expert audience, the result and the final evaluation (even if not technical) is totally different, and the Pamu Scrolls they come out absolutely promoted.


The price is certainly the thorniest aspect of this product, as they have been pushed to $ 39 on Indiegogo for a very long time ago, and in my opinion they can be a great investment, despite the fact that hundreds of true wireless products are coming out as mushrooms lately.

Currently the product is for sale at a recommended price of $ 75 on Moldac, and I would think twice before making this purchase. I am convinced that very soon they will leave the web and will also be offered in store at a fairly competitive price, so stay up to date on our social media channels where we will inform you as soon as possible.

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