Spring Day’s nail art trends and the pull over effect that is this winter’s favorite

Every year the holidays come with lots of new trends, in this article we will describe two holiday manicures and give you the most fashionable nail decorations and types of Nail Art for this Spring Day 2022. Red, sequins and pullover effects to discover in this article…

Needless to say that the Spring Day rhymes with sequins, gold, silver, red and white! But this year there is also a strong craze for sugar effects and pull over effects or even a full glitter nail the detail in image.

The red base is a semi-permanent varnish from the 3 in 1 range, it is the poppy red color. The sequins at the end of the nails you will find them in the Nail Art part by choosing the white sequins for nails. The snowman was made in white gel paint art and 3 in 1 black semi-permanent varnish. All covered with a quick finish.

The full silver glitter nail was made with silver glitter soak off UV gel. And the darling of this manicure, the white pullover effect nail, so beautiful, was made with the semi-permanent varnish from the 3 in 1 range, the color White, as a base.

The pull over effect was made in white gel paint art which gives the perfect relief thanks to its thick texture. For a sugar effect, white acrylic powder is sprinkled on it!

Hoping that these achievements have inspired you and that they will make you want to try! Meanwhile, make sure you have complete manicure kits for ready use. If you don’t have the necessary equipment yet, don’t panic: place an order on our site and you will gain something!

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