How to repair a broken nail?

Nails that are weakened or have suffered an impact may tend to break. Broken nails are not only unsightly but can also have an impact on the health of nearby skin. In this article, I give you all my professional tips for repairing a broken nail. We will also see how to act without repairing the nail to protect your hands and feet.

Repairing a nail with gel, resin or semi-permanent varnish

If you are used to performing manicures with resin, semi-permanent varnish or gel, it will be possible to repair your nail with one of these three products. You will need to bring a template. It is a small self-adhesive device that allows you to extend your nail and apply the manicure supplies to fix it, giving it a nice shape.

The use of resin is very suitable for repairing a broken nail. This material is used more and more rarely by professionals since it is difficult to install. The fact remains that this acrylic-based product has unrivaled strength. You will be able to extend or repair your nail with the base of your gel.

Repair a cracked nail with a classic varnish

If you do your manicures with classic varnish, you might have the idea of trying to repair a cracked nail with the base of your varnish. Be aware that even strengthening varnishes are not strong enough to allow lasting repair of a nail.

There is a trick to repairing your nail using classic varnish. It involves cutting out a small square of tea bag. Simply place it at the level of the breakage then cover it with varnish. The fiber used in making the sachet, combined with the varnish, ensures long-lasting strengthening of your nail.

Nail glues and dressings

There are also nail glues and plasters intended to repair broken nails. They are to be applied to fingernails and toenails. It is the combination of these two products that allows for a lasting repair. Additionally, you can visit nail supply store for more nail care products.

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