Exfoliating your nails: Should we get started?

You Exfoliate Your Body, Your Face…But Your Nails?

Aside from our typical beauty regimes for the face and body, our hands and especially our nails are often neglected. Beyond moisturizing and applying cuticle oil, what can you do to maintain the beauty of your nails? Maryton, a famous nail supply brand, declares that exfoliation is the solution!

Nails and their Complex Needs

So why should we exfoliate our nails? Because our nails have layers of dead nails or onychocytes, which suffer the negative effects of environmental exposures. Harmful elements include water, temperature variations, and chemicals, primarily nail polish remover.

The Nightmare of Your Nails: Granulated Keratin Blondes

Not exfoliating the nails can lead to several complications. People who wear nail polish for long periods of time may notice the appearance of white spots called keratin granulations. Ridges may also develop, signaling atrophy of the nail matrix.

Save Your Nails with Regular Exfoliation

To give your nails some help, use a professional nail drill to exfoliate your nails and cuticles. After that, there is nothing to do other than moisturize the area with a hand or body cream.

It is still important not to exfoliate daily to avoid exposing nails and cuticles. Once a week seems to be the optimal frequency for exfoliation that provides gradual improvement over time.

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