5 nail art trends for this spring 2024

Spring is here! Make way for colorful nail art, in pastel and floral tones! Today, Maryton will show you 5 nail art trends that you absolutely must not miss to be in spring vibes this spring 2024. 

1. Floral nail art

This spring, flowers are in the spotlight. We will choose them small and delicate. The daisy fits perfectly with this trend. We will use pastel tones for a colorful manicure.

2. Nail art Aura

This nail art is inspired by the energy you give off, your aura! The color combinations are endless and can therefore adapt to all your desires of the moment.

3.Nail art Chrome

Perfect for a modern look, it can be available in many ways, colored, French, all over the nail or just by touch.

4.Glazed nail art

This trend is inspired by the icing that covers donuts, it’s the perfect manicure for a glowy effect.

5.Nail art Coquette

This manicure is perfect for lovers of fantasy. Have fun with the addition of refined ornaments like pearls, small bows, all on a pink base.

Okay, now you know the spring 2024 nail art trends, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start your happy manicure journey with your manicure supplies!

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