Reverse Wireless Charging? PaMu Slide Headphones More for Use

In the wireless headphones market with a mix of fish and dragons, PaMu Slide headsets are striking with their peculiar brains, unique personality, fashionable and novel, and deeply understand the tastes of young people. We will evaluate the appearance details, sound quality performance and wireless charging of the headset, how you judge the headset.

Padmate PaMu Slide Truly Wireless Earphones with Wireless Charging

Open the inner package, and the left package is printed with easy-to-use help. The main body of the battery box and the earphones are looming under the translucent slip sheet, which is a bit mysterious and a little looking forward. On the front of the battery compartment, the pamu brand logo appears above the metal mesh grille, exquisite workmanship and rich sense of technology. TYPE-C charging port. Currently, mainstream mobile phones, tablets and laptops use TYPE-C interface. Sooner or later, TYPE-C interface must be unified with electronic products, and unified standardized interface also brings more space for equipment interoperability and upgrade. The charging port is side-by-side with the wireless charging switch. Double-click the switch to turn reverse wireless charging on or off. After turning on, the LED indicator below the button will light up. At this time, you can attach a device that supports wireless charging to the back of the battery compartment for charging. The internal battery capacity of the charging case is 2000mAh, which can provide 5 additional full charges for the headset, and the total battery life is about 60 hours. Excellent battery life, suitable for outdoor sports, business trips and other use scenarios, let good music go along.

The 3th Generation PaMu Earbuds with Wireless Charging - PaMu Slide Mini

The shape is very different from other headphones. The shape of the PaMu Slide is combined with a long handle cavity, which adds a little AirPods shadow. The long-handle cavity also provides internal space for the noise-cancelling microphone and other components to enrich the functionality of the PaMu Slide headphones. The drop-shaped silicone earplugs are patented by Pipemet. Its unique drop shape fits the inner contour of the ear canal, which is comfortable in the ear and effectively relieves the swelling of the ear that is worn for a long time. The soft and high resilience characteristics, long wearing ears without burden, to meet the needs of music and sports professionals continue to enjoy music.

The headset is equipped with Qualcomm’s QCC3020 flagship chip, which supports aptX decoding. Bluetooth will have the aptX logo when connected to the PaMu Slide headset. The left and right earphones are independent of the master and slave, and can be independently connected to the mobile phone, which is suitable for classes, meetings, work, and other scenes, while enjoying good music without misunderstanding. The microphone is at the bottom of the headset handle. The main microphone picks up voice and vocal sounds. The sub microphone filters the ambient noise physically and actively reduces noise to create a clear and pure call environment. The left and right earbuds have the same stand-alone commands, and the double-click and long-press functions are different. Chao Fanjun is used to listening to songs with the right ear, because the right ear is the blind field of vision of the BOSS. It often uses play / pause and the next song. The operation is in line with usage habits.

And recently, the new PaMu headphones versions padmate pamu slide mini had launched, it is a update and mini version of PaMu Slide, the team updated the inadequacy of the previous PaMu, smaller but still powerful.

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