Damaged nails, is it serious?

Whitish streaks: a question of age

Keratin, one of the constituents of the nail, loses quality over time. We even speak of “wrinkles” to qualify these vertical lines. But streaks can also indicate anemia or a hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism.

The solution: Speak to your doctor who may recommend a blood test. If it signal a lack of B vitamins, it can be corrected by eating legumes, eggs and green leafy vegetables. To strengthen your nails and prevent them from splitting, file their ends and choose a hardener varnish as a base.

A yellow and thick area: definitely a mycosis

Onychomycosis is linked to a microscopic fungus, which parasitizes the hands or feet. The nail turns yellow or greenish gray, thickens and may even painful. Smoking or varnish without a base also cause the nails turn yellow.

The solution: First a sample to confirm mycosis. In the case of limited damage, a varnish to be applied locally every day or several times a week can get rid of the mycosis.

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White spots: mini-traumas

White spots on the nail are the result of an impact or a slight impact on the matrix or finger deck, resulting in keratin abnormalities. Various daily activities can be the cause of these mini-traumas.

The solution: You have to wait for the nail to grow back for the stain to disappear. However, these small shocks can be prevented by putting on gloves when washing dishes or when gardening. Don’t forget to feed them with a moisturizer. This will make them less brittle.

A black band: often a hematoma

Hammer blow or finger stuck in a door… The appearance of a dark red or black mark means that blood has spread under the nail. The pressure exerted by the hematoma can be so great that the nail becomes painful.

The solution: Run your toe under cold water or wrap it in ice to calm the pain and stop the bleeding. The hematoma will gradually disappear as the nail grows. On the other hand, if you notice that the black band always remains in the same place, seek medical advice to rule out any risk of melanoma.

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