The essential tools for professional manicure

To create clean, smudge-free false nails, here is a small list of materials that you absolutely must have.

  • A UV or LED lamp to catalyze the nails and dry semi-permanent varnishes and harden extensions or nail restructuring in resin or gel.
  • Electric nail drill and its various cutters to help you shape false nails and to make it easier for you to apply gel or semi-permanent varnish.
  • Cuticle pushers or wooden sticks to loosen and push back the skin.
  • A buffing block for filing, smoothing, polishing and shining nails.
  • Fine and medium grain files. The fine-grit file is often used to give natural nails a nice shape. As for the medium-grit file, it is used to file gels, capsules, acrylic resins as well as UV gels.
  • Manicure brushes to create your Nail Art.

At Maryton, an expert brand in nail prosthetics, you will find a whole range of quality products for ever more beautiful and creative nails. For top hygiene, don’t forget to clean the equipment thoroughly between each use.

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