The 3th Generation PaMu Earbuds with Wireless Charging – PaMu Slide Mini

The PaMu Scroll true wireless earphones with an original scroll design were launched last year and have achieved good results in fundraising. The high cost performance ratio has attracted the attention of consumers. This year, Padmate tech launched the third-generation PaMu true wireless headphones. From design to sound quality, it has been greatly upgraded from the previous generation.

Best True Wireless Headphones PaMu Scroll Review

Last year, PaMu Scroll received a good response in the market. Not only is the design full of ingenuity, but also the sound quality is comparable to high-end headphones, so that consumers are impressed by the PaMu headphones brand. Therefore, the third generation PaMu wireless headphones PaMu Slide Mini attracted attention before it was launched, has been introduced by more than 20 technology media such as TechGuySmartBuy and Craving Tech. Even the former NBA star Tracy McGragy also made special recommendations for filming.

PaMu Slide Mini introduces a number of sound quality enhancement technologies this time, especially strengthening the noise reduction effect, and adding many practical functions at the same time. Looking at the earphones first, you can obviously feel that the length is longer. This is to increase the length of the LDS antenna to improve the sound quality without affecting the wearing comfort, which greatly increases the connection quality. This also increases the contact area of ​​the headset itself, preventing users from accidentally touching the click function when adjusting the headset.

The 3th Generation PaMu Earbuds with Wireless Charging - PaMu Slide Mini

Both left and right earphones are equipped with dual microphones, including the main microphone that enhances human voice at the bottom, and the sub microphone that reduces environmental noise at the top, which can improve the quality of calls. It is a rare wireless headphones sale with dual microphones on the market.

The original factory provides 6 sets (S, S +, M, M +, L, L +) of different size earplugs, which meet the 95% ear canal size. In addition, it also comes with a small storage bag. The earphone is a patented design, with an oval shape and silicone material, which can increase friction and not slip easily; and the earpiece is in front of the earphone, allowing the earpiece to penetrate deep into the ear canal to prevent sound leakage.

The 3th Generation PaMu Earbuds with Wireless Charging - PaMu Slide Mini

Put on padmate pamu slide mini, you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere, and this time, the noise reduction effect has been greatly optimized to improve the quality of the call. Even in noisy streets, you can clearly hear the other party’s content. PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Headphones support aptx high-quality sound technology, and the built-in 6mm bionic diaphragm alone can improve the sound clarity and the bass thickness. PaMu Slide Mini are equipped with high-quality, low-latency Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip. With an extended LDS antenna, the quality of the connection can be greatly improved. Even in the hustle and bustle of the outdoors, you don’t have to worry about music or half of calls being disconnected.

The surface of the headset supports touch function. You can control the music playback by touching it. You can adjust the volume by long-pressing. You can easily select songs without using your phone. This is a very thoughtful design. PaMu Slide Mini support fast charging. Just 5 minutes into the charging case can extend the listening time by 1 hour. And with amazing battery life, you can use it for up to 10 hours on a full charge, and you won’t be afraid of a sudden disconnection even if you do n’t charge it for several days. It also support IPX6 waterproof, no need to worry about raining or accidentally being splashed with water, which will cause damage to parts

PaMu Slide Mini have been officially launched on Moldac. The price is $69 (including shipping), the price is more favorable than other dealers.

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