Nail Reconstruction and What You Need to Know

The best way to get a perfect manicure, with a full color that lasts for a long time, and nails always at the top. The Nail Extension, which allows every woman to maintain a refined and sophisticated allure, whatever the color or the chosen style.

Professional Nails Extension

This kind of nail art is professional. Therefore the first advice is to rely on expert nail technicians, even in the beauty center.The beautician will be able to provide all the certificates obtained in terms of nail reconstruction and care, in order to certify his professionalism to all clients.

Do you want to get noticed, and to show off a more captivating but also sophisticated style? Then the perfect shape for you is squarer and longer. And for true fashion victims, Hand Nails Extension can also take inspiration from felines, with almond or Russian almond shapes.

Stages of Nails Extension

After having filed and decided the shape and length of the nails, a matte layer is created with a matting brick, perfect for the gel. We proceed with the professional nail supplies to better prepare the nails for reconstruction. This first product must dry in the lamp. The lamps usually used for Hand Nails Extension are of two types: UV lamp, which takes about 60 or 90 seconds to catalyze the gel, or LED lamp, more modern and powerful, which often takes only 30 or 60 seconds.

The primer creates a layer on which the colored or transparent gel can rest. It is applied with a professional brush and spreads a light layer over the entire nail, and then it is left to dry in the lamp. Generally you choose to make only two coats of gel, filing between one and the other, to make the product thinner, and also to create the classic C-shape: this is used to make the nail strong, beautiful and resistant to bumps, even for many weeks.

We remind you that, for all customers who do not like gel nails, it is always possible to choose a nail art with the application of semi-permanent polish: more subtle and delicate, it is perfect for those looking for a natural effect and not too built or demanding.

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