Tips for visually lengthening short nails with manicure

Having long, well-manicured nails is often the desired effect. But, it is not always easy to obtain, especially if you have short nails! Fortunately, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you several tricks to visually lengthen short nails and make them more beautiful.

Here are some tips for a successful manicure on very short nails:

  • Use a nail file to file the nails and give them a rounded shape.
  • You can put on false nails, but choose ones that are short enough so that your hand doesn’t look too big.
  • Find a nice nail polish color that goes well with your skin tone.
  • To give the illusion of having longer nails, you can incorporate patterns and decoration, for example by putting small rhinestones or applying a geometric pattern.
  • To have a natural effect, opt for the shaded effect; apply two different colors on each nail, from the free edge towards the center.
  • If your nails are very short, you can consider using a glossy polish to reflect the light and make your nails look longer than they actually are.
Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Remember that whatever the size of your nails, take care of them by limiting as much as possible the chemicals that can damage them. In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure kits to care for nails.

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