The semi-permanent varnish kits that you can’t miss

Today, we will recommend a semi-permanent varnish kit to you. This kit will ensure you have a simple one-handed grip of the semi-permanent varnish method. Keep reading!

These products must work thanks to an LED or UV lamp to be catalyzed, you will find various equipment on our nail supply store online, we strongly recommend the use of the LED or hybrid lamp, which is more powerful and faster than the old UV technology.

3 PCS Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
3 PCS Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

Contents of the semi-permanent varnish kit:

– Base/top coat

– Semi-permanent varnishes in various colors

– A 100/180 grit file, for shaping the nail

– A nail buffer block, fine grain to remove the natural shine from the surface of your nail before applying semi-permanent varnish.

– A cuticle pusher

OK! I believe you already have know the semi-permanent varnish kit. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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