The naked manicure: for chic nails with ease

Do you want to have beautiful nails? That’s good, the new manicure trend is simplicity with the “naked manicure”. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you everything about the naked manicure.

On the same principle as nude makeup, supposed to reveal your natural beauty, our nails are discreet with neutral shades, such as beige, light pink, off-white, apricot or light peach. Have elegant, clean and chic nails that will go with everything!

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Naked manicure, instructions for use

To have beautiful strong nails, file them to prevent them from breaking, nourish them with sweet almond oil and refrain from chewing on those annoying little skins. Once your nails are ready, apply a protective base, then one or two coats of nude varnish. You can go from lighter to darker depending on your mood. Finish it off with a coat of top coat for shine.

We hope you liked this article and that it will inspire you for future! In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.

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