Why is powder polish better?

For those of you unfamiliar with powder manicure, welcome! You are about to be amazed! In this guide, your nail supply expert Maryton will lead you to get a better knowledge of manicures. Let’s go around!

First of all, let us explain what powder polish is so that you can better understand what we are talking about. Powder polish, also called porcelain or dip powder, is an amazing breakthrough in nail technology. In just a few minutes it is possible to get beautiful nails that can last up to 4 weeks!

Its application is extremely simple and includes the light filing of the nails to create a rough texture that would allow the powder to cling to it, the application of a base coat, the dipping of the nails in the powder, the finishing of the process with a top coat!

OK! Now that you have a rough idea of what powder polish is and how it is applied. Grab your manicure kit and get your nails ready! Looking forward to your dip powder nails!

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