How to ensure the installation of white varnish?

Do you want to treat yourself to a little manicure session with the white nail polish in the spotlight? For perfect white nails, your natural nails must be flawless. For this you need to prepare your manicure kit.

It is indeed necessary to take care of these elements and to make them as discreet as possible in order to have an impeccable rendering. For this, you must moisturize them with special cuticle oil. Once your cuticles have softened, push them back with a wooden stick.

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The next step is to clean your nails and file them to the desired shape and length. With a nail buffer block, polish the surface of the nail so that the varnish can adhere better. You can then apply the base coat to protect your nails.

After the base coat, apply a first layer of white varnish. Then let it dry before applying a second, slightly thicker coat of varnish. Drying under a UV lamp is done after applying a coat of varnish and after applying the top coat. It makes your nail polish last longer.

Of course, the white varnish can also be used for the feet and be in perfect harmony with your white manicure. You can take advantage of his break to treat yourself to a pedicure. The ideal would be to make a nail art to bring a personalized touch to your varnish.

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