What is a electric nail drill?

A nail drill is a power tool used to shape fingernails and toenails. For safety reasons, these types of drill bits are best used only by trained nail technicians. Today, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you what is a electric nail drill.

The main purpose of a nail drill is to file the fingernail or toenail down to a workable or aesthetic length and width. A nail drill works much like a sander, just for a very small area of the body. When the drill is turned on and the tip is rubbed along a fingernail or toenail, the layers of the nail quickly peel off.

Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM
Rechargeable Maryton Pro Nail Drills 1,000 ~ 30,000 RPM

For people with incredibly thick fingernails or toenails, a nail drill can help refine and reshape nails. Very thick nails often take too long to file with a hand file, whereas an electric nail drill can do the job in much less time and much more efficiently.

It is common for a nail drill to be used in spa treatments that include the application of artificial nails. Whether you are applying acrylic, glass or silk artificial nails, a nail drill can be a useful tool.

OK! I believe you have a better understanding of electric nail drill, and the next step is to start your nail art. Besides, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to prepare for your nails!

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