Senior nail art: nails for mature women

We talked everything about hands and nail polish in our post dedicated to nail art, but we had forgotten about women who were a few years older. Let’s call them mature women or grandmothers, the fact is that it does not seem right to abandon the nail polish over the years, and it seems more appropriate to adapt it to the age we are living.

Here are the basic tips:

  • Avoid black. if you do not want the evil witch effect and indeed take advantage of your nails to give a touch of color to your outfit
  • For the same reason, avoid excessive lengths or pointed nails, and instead opt for a sober length and an almond shape.
  • If you don’t really have tapered and long fingers, the advice is to shape the nail slightly pointed and choose a nude nail polish or foundation effect that creates an optical effect that simulates a natural extension of the hand which is thus more slender.

As you can see, the rules to follow are very few. The most important thing to enjoy the beauty of your nails at a mature age is try to preserve the beauty and youth of your hands as long as possible. To do this, here are the tips:

  • Do not forget that your hands are also protected with adequate sun protection.
  • Indulge in a hand scrub or hand mask from time to time to keep in place all night
  • Always protect your hands with gloves when working hard or in contact with aggressive substances.
  • If you have slight sunspots, go and treat them with a good snail slime product.
  • If you want to do professional treatments to truly stop time as far as your hands are concerned, then green light to more or less light chemical peels, pulsed light and treatments with the q-switch laser.
  • If you are “that kind of woman”, very glamorous, very old-fashioned, why not think about always wearing a nice pair of gloves?

If you have a steady hand and the professional nail supplies, no one can stop you from creating even more elaborate designs. Hoping to have been helpful. As usual, I wish see you in the next article!

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