Semi-permanent cat’s eye nail polish

Trend inspired by the enigmatic eyes of the cat, literally “cat’s eye”, is a nail art technique that has been really popular in recent times. To obtain this particular iridescent effect, different types of nail polish can be used as a base, but it is essential to use a magnetic semi-permanent nail polish for a perfect result.

Semi-permanent cat’s eye nail polish: what is it and how to use it?

Semi-permanent cat’s eye nail polish is a magnetic product that is generally sold in nail supply stores, perfumery and online together with a magnet. The magnet is the fundamental element for a cat’s eye manicure,  because it allows you to take advantage of the different light points of the nail and shape the pattern as you wish. Professionals in the sector recommend dark colors as the basis of cat eye manicure, such as black, burgundy, purple or dark green, but there are certainly lighter shades in the professional nail supplies.

Steps to follow for a cat eye nail art

To obtain a cat eye nail art with semi-permanent cat eye polish it is necessary to use the magnet that comes with the polish wisely.

In fact, it is generally advisable to bring the magnet as close as possible to the nail, keeping it in position for about 5-7 minutes. In any case, contact for more than 10 minutes should be avoided in order not to compromise the final result. The position of the magnet is also fundamental and must be kept the same for all nails, unless you want to obtain a particular and not perfectly harmonious effect.

Dare too with a cat eye nail art to show off with all nail shapes, especially on square and oval nails, and with colors ranging from dark to light or even pastel shades!

What do you think of the “cat eyes” manicure? Do you like it or not? As always, I invite you to try and wish you a good manicure!

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