Nail shapes: how to advise your customers?

Very often, your clients ask you for a specific shape for their nails during their manicure appointment. To provide them with a precise answer, it is still necessary to know the different shapes and know which one is trendy. In this blog, the Maryton nail supply will talk about the nail shapes with you.

Which nail shape for which finger?

If the fingers are thick, stubby and the hands are small, the round nail shape is most suitable. This rounded shape refines the fingers and brings elegance to the hand. One of the other shapes that elongates the fingers and flatters the hands is the almond. Halfway between the round shape and the almond shape, there is the oval. This nail shape is ideal for those who already have long nails or who want to have long ones. As for the square shape, it is perfect for very long and narrow fingers. The square nail shape is also ideal for short nails. For people with small nails, it is possible to adopt the stiletto shape, which is similar to a claw. Long, slender fingers will prefer the coffin shape, which resembles a ballet dancer’s ballerina.

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How to choose the shape of your nails?

The shape of the nail is chosen according to the morphology of his fingers, but also of his nails. If the original shape is rounded, giving them a square shape forces them to follow their nature more. Also, more regular maintenance will have to be done by the client at home. The ideal, when a client absolutely wants to have a trendy nail shape, is to offer them false nails in gel, resin or acrylic.

OK! Now you have known the things about nail shapes, bring your manicure set and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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