How to remove a glitter polish?

Easily neutralize your number one enemy: glitter varnish!

Because of their texture, glitter varnishes can be difficult to remove. Certain tips can nevertheless facilitate the operation.

However, there are tips to overcome the most resistant glitter. For example, it is possible to enclose the nails in homemade “papillotes” made up of pieces of cotton soaked in solvent – to be chosen preferably without acetone, for more softness – on which a layer of aluminum foil is deposited.

After leaving the foil to act for 3 to 5 minutes, simply remove the aluminum foil and cotton wool soaked in solvent by gently sliding them over the nail. In principle, all the sequins will have adhered to the cotton.

There are also specific bases to apply before applying a glitter varnish which makes it easier to remove the latter. These products are notably available in supermarkets, perfumeries and on the Internet. Make sure you have professional nail supplies for the care of your nails.

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