How to prevent semi-permanent varnish from damaging your nails?

The appearance of semi-permanent varnish allows women to have a radiant hand for a long time. But the semi-permanent varnish is not absolutely safe! But, how to prevent semi-permanent varnish from damaging your nails? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you answers.

Before embarking on the installation of a semi-permanent varnish, it is first important to find out whether this method is right for you or not. Indeed, if you are a woman who quickly tires of the color of your polishes, and in order not to be uncomfortable after a week, it is better not to turn to a semi-permanent varnish. You can turn to a classic varnish and add a specific product later to hold your varnish.

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In addition, for a first application, it is always preferable to make an appointment with an institute or salon. Don’t forget to ask for advice on its maintenance and the method of removal. If you then want to apply your nail polish at home, ask the professional to advise you on the type of product that best suits your nails and your needs. However, avoid tearing off the varnish.

The semi-permanent varnish can be applied several times. However, it is still advisable to leave the nails on for at least a month naturally before moving on to the second application. During this time, you must apply a nourishing oil to your nails to regenerate them.

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