Gel manicure: good or bad idea?

A beautiful manicure with a long duration, which does not flake and which resists shock, we all dream of it! But this dream has come true with the gel manicure! But is it a good idea? Won’t gel polish damage your nails or prevent them from breathing? Get your manicure sets ready, come and discover all the answers to your questions in this article.

The gel manicure is done in the same way as a traditional manicure. First, the nails are cleaned and then lightly buffed and the cuticles are pushed back. Then, a protective base is applied, followed by drying under the UV lamp. Once the first layer is dry, a second layer is added, which is also dried under the UV lamp. And finally, the top coat.

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Advantages and disadvantages of gel manicure


  • The gel can last 3 to 4 weeks;
  • The reduced drying time, which also reduces stains and scratches on the nail;
  • Possibility of infinite creation;
  • Beautiful and brilliant as on the first day;
  • It is the closest finish to natural nails.


  • To adhere the gel varnish, the nail must be polished, which can weaken it;
  • To remove the gel manicure, it’s necessary to use acetone which is harmful;
  • If the manicure is poorly done, it can lead to infections;
  • The nail may break;
  • If you want to stop the gel manicure, the nail recovery time is quite long.

To conclude, the gel manicure is a good idea if you want a perfect result, which lasts several weeks and remains beautiful and shiny throughout its application. However, you will need to take special care of your nails to avoid infections, fungi and breakage.

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