Damaged nails: what routine to adopt?

Brittle, damaged or yellowed, it’s not easy to keep nails perfectly filed. To have beautiful hands, some care is necessary. Food, hydration, detox, we tell you everything to have sublime cuticles!

A balanced diet to have beautiful nails

Food has immediate repercussions on the nails. Lack of calcium can weaken them and make them brittle. Ditto for the lack of nutrients. It is therefore essential to start by varying your diet. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables are essential for having beautiful hands.

A “detox” to find beautiful nails

By dint of putting varnish, the nails tend to be damaged. It is therefore important to offer moments of respite to your cuticles from time to time. Put aside your box of nail polish for a few weeks, and opt for moisturizers instead. If you have small white spots, these have nothing to do with a lack of calcium. These are simply small impacts caused by keratinization disorders.

Year-round hydration

Our nails need to be pampered to keep their shine. In order to find healthy nails, the hydration step is essential. Apply a nourishing cream every morning, massaging lightly. You can use vegetable oil: just take a cotton ball and soak it in the oil. Then, place the cotton on your nails for about twenty minutes. Then rinse with clear water. Do this once or twice a week.

Scrub for damaged nails

The nails are also entitled to the exfoliation stage. This removes dead skin and product residue. You need to mix vegetable oil with a little sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture directly to your nails and cuticles. Massage gently for several minutes. It is preferable to do this type of exfoliation after the shower because the nails are already softened.

The right tools to sublimate your nails

Gestures and tools are also important for having beautiful hands. When you want to do a manicure, always start by applying a base coat. It can prevents the nails from yellowing or splitting. Don’t forget to also put a layer of top coat. Finally, if you have very fragile nails, avoid wearing them too long. Better to cut them and give them a nice shape!

In addition to these tips listed above, you should maintain your nails regularly with manicure kits. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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