French manicure, instructions for use

Elegant and timeless, the French manicure continues to seduce many women. The creation of this technique dates back almost 50 years, the French manicure has succeeded in establishing itself in the world of nails. Following our Maryton to discover everything you need to know about this type of manicure!

The French manicure, what is it?

The French manicure consists of a neutral base, as well as a band of opaque white varnish at the end of the nails. However, the French manicure can take various forms. It can be the subject of a rounded end, but also square, oval or even pointed. In addition, the strip of opaque white varnish adapts to your desires: thin or wider, it can also receive a nail jewel.

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The French manicure has many advantages:

  • Natural but neat nails: the French manicure allows you to adopt a sober, but particularly elegant manicure.
  • Elongated nails: the French manicure allows you to reshape your nails, but also to make them look longer.
  • Protected nails: the different coats of varnish needed to create a French manicure help protect your nails, especially if they are damaged or weakened.
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French manicure: what steps?

A French manicure is usually done in 4 steps. First, your nail technician begins by preparing your nails, cleaning and polishing them. This first coat of varnish protects your nails, but also optimizes the adhesion of semi-permanent varnish or gel nails. In a second step, your nail stylist sublimates the end of your nails with a strip of opaque white varnish, more or less wide. Once the white demarcation has been created, your nail technician deposits a nude varnish on the entire nail. Finally, a layer of transparent varnish protects the different layers of varnish, but also makes your nails more shiny and resistant.

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