Chablon For Gel Nails, do you know it?

Among the famous false nail techniques, the stencil method is one of the most used. This method allows you to have impeccable results every time. If you want to know more, this article will be perfect for you.

What is a chablon?

When applying gel or resin nail extensions, the product can’t properly do its role of extending natural nails, without a mold or base on which to work it. This base will be used to modulate the length, shape and thickness of the nail. The stencil is a kind of pattern or base that will be used to build and model the gel or the extension resin.

Usually made of special nail construction paper or flexible metal, the stencil is like a sticker that is placed around the nail and which has a squared side, in order to have perfectly shaped extensions.

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What are the advantages of using it?

The main advantage of the stencil is that it is non-invasive for the nail, because it does not contain any chemicals. If the popit capsules need a special glue to adhere to the tips of the nails, the template is placed on it like a kind of adhesive tape.

With its grids too, it allows you to have perfectly shaped nails, with a wide choice of shape and length. So you can afford any shape, without being limited by the end of a popit capsule.

Finally, they are very easy to use and more comfortable to wear. Compared to popit capsules for example, they allow a more natural and lighter result on the nail.

Finally, it is essential to invest in suitable manicure kit. For this, our site is full of ideas and products perfectly suited to this use.

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