Beauty tutorial: 15 minutes for a successful French manicure

Want to show off elegant nails by opting for a real French manicure? Discover the advice and the right expert gestures to perfectly execute this great classic of manicure. Take out your manicure kit and follow us!

4 minutes to prepare the nails

Using a nail file, give a nice shape to the nails. With a tissue soaked in alcohol, clean the surface to facilitate the adhesion of the varnish. Then apply a protective base coat.

8 minutes to draw the borders

Wring well the brush of the white varnish. Place it on the left side of the nail and draw a line along the border, in one stroke, to the right side. Apply a second coat, this time starting from the opposite side.

1 minute for touch-ups

With a small brush soaked in solvent, clean the edges of the white varnish to make them neat. Also remove any overflows on the skin.

2 minutes to unify

Then apply a transparent pinkish-beige varnish all over the nail to homogenize the whole and give the whiteness of the border a patina. Finish with a layer of top coat to protect the result.

The right gesture

Repair a small chip on the edge of the nail, by tapping, stencil style with the white brush, fully wrung out. Then apply a layer of top coat all over the nail. And There you go ! A successful French!

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