Semi-permanent nail polish

If you dream of shiny nails that don’t chip and last longer than your usual polish, the semi-permanent manicure is for you. Just a few seconds under a UV lamp, the semi-permanent manicure will leave your nails shiny, strong and resistant for at least 2 weeks. Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas!

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Unlike the classic manicure, the semi-permanent manicure doesn’t become dull in just a few days. She is still as flawless after several weeks. The only reason a gel or Shellac manicure is called “semi-permanent” is because of natural regrowth. Otherwise, the varnish itself remains durable and intact.

Your nail technician will start by trimming and polishing your nails with a file, pushing back your cuticles for an even neater result. She will then apply a base, followed by two coats of gel or Shellac, and finish with a top coat to complete it all. Between each coat of varnish, you will have to put your hands under a UV lamp to dry the product!

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Good to know

Gel or Shellac manicure is easily removed using acetone, wrapping each nail in a special foil or with cotton. In addition, Gel or Shellac manicure can last over two weeks without flaking, cracking or needing to be touched up.

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