Dry feet: tips & tricks to find soft feet

Unsightly and sometimes painful, dry and cracked feet, locked in stuffy shoes. It is therefore not surprising to have damaged feet! Do you know how to have soft feet? Just take out your foot spa kit and follow us!

Untreated and cared for, dry feet inevitably lead to the formation of calluses and calluses. To avoid ending up with cracked heels, it is essential to moisturize them daily and take the utmost care of them.

The relaxing homemade foot bath: the first step to take care of your feet is to start with a foot bath. Simply fill a basin with hot water and add baking soda and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Let your feet soak for about twenty minutes and dry them properly.

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Exfoliation: exfoliation was performed once a week. Thanks to the exfoliating micro particles, your feet regain the softness of baby skin. Prefer a perfect softening dry feet. This treatment gently exfoliates the dead cells formed in the heels, toes and arch of the foot.  

The mask: the ideal treatment to perform at least once a week is the ultra-comforting moisturizing mask for dry and damaged feet. Take a little time a week to make this elixir of hydration which will do your feet the greatest good.

Moisturizing care: for very soft feet, there is nothing like the moisturizing cream that you apply after bathing and exfoliation.

Coat your feet with a thick layer of Vaseline or coconut oil that you can melt beforehand and finish by putting on cotton socks before going to sleep. We promise you very soft skin when you wake up!

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