The most popular nail art trends

We’ve already shared with you what’s trending for fall 2022, but now that the temperatures are dropping, it’s time to keep your nails from falling! Your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you about the most popular nail trends in this blog.

Animal nail art

This fall, the animal print is back in fashion. Why not try cow nail art? Very fashionable on clothes or handbags, it also becomes super trendy on the nails. Don’t forget to apply a top coat after your nail art!


Chrome nails are back. You can find these nail polishes everywhere in blue, silver or purple, or play with a shaded/gradient style by mixing different colors.

Double French Manicure

If you are more of a natural style, you will love the double French manicure; a classic look, but revisited! Instead of only varnishing the edge of the nail, you will also varnish the lunula.


For once, you will literally have to disguise yourself to the tips of your nails. Choose nail art with ghosts, pumpkins or cobwebs. If you are not too fond of prints, long pointed black or red nails will also do the trick.

In order to care for your nails, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit

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