The Coolest One-Piece Swimsuits to Get This Summer

VILANYAS is a fun brand of swimming suits for women that are very popular this summer. They are all over Instagram and complement a variety of body types, even those that are not advertised on typically. The fit is pleasing aesthetically and in reality, looking flatteringly sexy from all angles. The VILANYAS swimsuits are not overly complicated with a million straps that can cause weird tan lines, but are simple and fun with thought out lines and fun sayings.

Here are 6 VILANYAS one piece bathing suits for summer 2016 that you definitely don’t want to miss out!

1. VILANYAS Milkshake Swimsuit

Whether you are channeling your inner Kelis, or explaining to everyone what brought all the boys to yard non-verbally, you can make a statement with this bathing suit available at The high cut bottom is flattering, with a low cut back. The bathing suit is lined, with ‘milkshake’ printed across the front of the scoop front in white script style lettering. This red bathing suit is 80% nylon and 20% elastane, giving it a great stretch.

2. VILANYAS Rosé All Day Swimsuit

This summer 2016 one-piece swimsuit is a brightly colored Fiesta Pink bathing suit that will turn you into the ultimate beach bunny. Stamped across the front in contrasting white lettering are the words ‘Rosé’ all day’. The signature high-cut bottoms, scoop-necked top and low-cut back are just as eye-catching though the personality of the fiesta pink color is definitely for those who want to stand out, and know how to do so. This is definitely a fun little one-piece swimsuit.

3. VILANYAS Mermaid Swimsuit

Make a statement about your inner mermaid in this VILANYAS swimsuit available at This swimsuit, of course, has the well-known VILANYAS’s low scoop neckline. While the style is easygoing, it is definitely sexy with a bright blue color contrasting against the block printed white lettering spelling out Mermaid. The open back and high-cut bottoms are signature to the VILANYAS brand as well, and are of course present here.

4. VILANYAS Rum + Coke Swimsuit

Order a rum and coke in your one-piece VILANYAS swimsuit available at The bright red color is still soft rather than garish, with RUM + COKE printed in white block letters and stacked on the front beneath the VILANYAS style low-scoop neckline and above the high cut bottoms. The open back is expected and not the least bit disappointing.

5. VILANYAS BAE Watch Swimsuit

Be ready to run on the sand in your BAE Watch swimsuit available at vilanyas online store. This Baywatch reminiscent update features the words BAE Watch in white block letters, with the two words stacked on the front of this red bathing suit. As with all VILANYAS bathing suits, there is a deep open back, low scoop neckline and high-cut bottoms. The red color is rich and looks great on any beach, especially in contrast to the white lettering.

6. VILANYAS Brunch Swimsuit

The classic, flattering black one piece swimsuit can be found at VILANYAS shop. This swimsuit, of course, has VILANYAS’s signature scoop front neckline, open low cut back and high brief cut bottom. Across the front is the word Brunch printed on a curve, contrasting beautifully in white against the black background. Sizing is comfortable and easy to figure out.

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