How to make a home manicure easily?

As you can see, your nails are fragile, brittle or even slightly yellowed by time. Nothing like a good manicure to restore shine to your nails, to allow them to grow properly. But, how to make a homemade manicure easily? Take out your manicure kit and follow us!

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Manicure steps

1 – Prepare the nail

First of all, preparing the nail by getting rid of the previous layers of varnish or dirt present on the nail. For this, we advise you to use a mild solvent and woven cotton to clean the nail. Then, file the nails with a nail file!

2 – Exfoliate the nails

To do this, use an exfoliant suitable for the nails: it softens the skin and makes it easy to remove dead skin. Then, soak your nails in a bowl of warm to hot water: this softens the cuticles again.

3 – Remove dead skin and push back cuticles

It’s time for cleaning or removing dead skin and cuticles. Be careful, never cut the cuticles raw, prefer to push them up the nail gently with your cuticle pusher.

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4 – Polish the nails

It’s essential to polish your nails with the polishing brush, absolutely. This is to smooth the nail on the surface to make the defects disappear. However, be careful not to polish too hard, it can affect sensitive areas on the nail.

5 – Nourish the nails and hands

Finally, remember to nourish and moisturize your nails and hands! For this, remember to use the nourishing oil for cuticles, to apply a small touch on them. Then perform a small circular massage on each finger.

The goal is to make a home manicure easily, but not to weaken or attack the skin or the nail itself.  To discover all our material to realize your home manicure click here.

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