How to make a French chrome?

A few years ago, nail art was still uncommon in France. Considered more extravagant than a simple all-over nail polish, this nail decoration has risen in popularity over time and has been heavily promoted. Today, let’s learn how to make a French chrome.

To do this, once you have worked out the shape of your nail and pushed back your cuticles, apply a base, then the color of varnish that you have chosen.

Once the second coat has been applied, apply a polish on the tips of your nails in a color similar to the shade of chrome you are aiming for.

If you want to achieve a rose gold effect, use a pink varnish and bring chrome powder and a small brush with a foam tip. Gently rub it into the area and once you’ve achieved the effect you want, use a top coat for extra shine.

Now that you’ve know the French chrome, you can use gentle manicure sets to do your favorite manicure! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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