Gel nails: what not to do at home

You love having beautiful gel nails. They are durable and shiny. You went to your nail technician or you put them on yourself. The gel is peeling off or the natural nail is now visible and you want to remove your gel nails at home. Discover the mistakes to absolutely avoid and the advice to remove the gel from the nails alone.

Never pull out your nails

If only one thing should be avoided, it is to tear off the semi-permanent varnish or your nails yourself. Indeed, by tearing off your false nails, your nails can no longer be smooth. On the other hand, they will become more fragile, brittle and rough. If you apply varnish afterwards, it may flake more quickly than usual and will be less uniform.

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Removing resin or gel from nails at home

To remove the gel on the nails, you will need to arm yourself with patience and some essential tools. You must have in your possession a pair of scissors, one or more nail files, a wooden stick and a nourishing cuticle oil. If your nails are resin, you need to file the entire surface of the fake nails patiently. Be precise and attentive, you must stop at the right time so as not to file the natural nail. Otherwise, it will thin out and break.

If you wear resin false nails, then you can soak them in a melting solution or in a nail polish remover containing acetone. In about 15 minutes, the resin melts and peels off. Then you have to do some finishing work. When the gel is completely removed, consider applying a nourishing oil to the cuticles and a cream to the nails.

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