6 Festival Beauty Trends You’ll Want to Wear Year-Round

Fact: Music festivals are a fantastic place to discover new trends (hello, flower braids!) and put all of your most daring beauty looks to the test. From glitter eyes to neon lips, the sky’s the limit! It’s all about having fun with your look and turning your daily go-to beauty regimen upside down.

That being said, once you find that one festival look you’re obsessed with, why not wear it year-round? We spotted these six gorgeous babes at Osheaga this weekend and fell in love with the beauty trends they chose to embrace for three days of fun and music under the sun. In fact, we’re thinking of wearing them long after festival season comes to a close!

1. Bold Lips + Body Glitter: Kylie Jenner will be the first to tell you that bold lips are everything, and deep purple is one of the season’s hottest colors. Keep your outfit simple and stop beauty lovers in their tracks with this Instagram-worthy look. Bonus: Body sparkles make everything more fun, so why not wear them year-round?

2. Colored Brows: Gone are the days of needing to match your brows to your hair. As this trendy festival-goer proved, coloring your eyebrows a fun hue (be sure the dye you pick is safe to use around your eyes!), like pink, will have you looking photo-shoot-ready at all times.

3. Eye Jewels: By far one of the biggest trends of this festival season, eye jewels came in all shapes, sizes and colors. These statement-making pearls really got our imagination going, and although they may not be suitable for everyday wear, we can’t wait to get creative with eye jewels for fun nights out on the town!

4. Unexpected Highlights: Pink and purple hair definitely requires some devotion, and may not always be the most practical if you work in an office setting. At least, that’s what we thought, until we saw how adorable super subtle highlights can look. Seriously, these little pops of pink are just. too. cute.

5. Tousled Double Buns: From Kendall Jenner to Miley Cyrus, double buns are everywhere, but we love the spin this chic music fan put on them. Rather than using all of her hair, she made two small buns and left the rest to fall in loose locks. This might just be the perfect tousled look for all of your early morning classes, or whenever you’re on-the-go!

6. Beyonce-Approved Temporary Tattoos: The moment Queen Bey released her own line of temporary tattoos, we knew the trend was here to stay. Whether you opt for a subtle, shimmery gold design (we love the elegant, unexpected placement of this one!) or DIY your own, press-on tattoos are worthy of memorable nights, 365 days a year.

What’s your favorite festival-inspired beauty trend?

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